Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veganism is sexy.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is November 30th.  I don't know about you, but I'm so excited!  I usually do one of two things to watch it: make tons of fun bite-size snacks and watch it with friends, or go to the gym and kick my ass on the treadmill while watching it.  I really don't know which I prefer:).  My best friend is coming to visit me for my birthday this year, but will be getting here a few days after the show.  I was super bummed because I planned to do both with her... but then thought, why can't I?

You may have seen my "Gossip Worthy Monday" feature, where Chelsea and I make yummy food and "watch Gossip Girl together" on Mondays.  We're doing the same thing with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and making fun, sexy petit fours.  I thought it'd be fun to extend the invitation to other bloggers out there.  So, you're invited!:)

What: " .. and it's vegan"'s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Blogging Party
When: Tuesday, November 30th (submissions due Monday, November 29th by 10pm EST)
Why: To show the world that veganism is sexy (and delicious)!
How: Create fun, girly, vegan* petit fours that scream "sexy."  You're welcome to also submit a drink recipe, or other party foods (cupcakes, cookies, etc) that fit the theme if you're so inspired.  With your submission, tell me what makes you feel sexy (this will accompany your photo and recipe). Please include your recipe and a photo of the finished product with submission.
RSVP: Let me know if you're interested!  Leave a comment or email me at .  All submissions MUST be emailed to me (with a photo and recipe) by 10pm EST on Monday, November 29th.  I will post all of the submissions late night on the 29th/early morning on the 30th so everyone can make their favorites for the show!  If nobody is interested, Chelsea and I will have ours up for you to make for the show!

* You do not have to be vegan, have a vegan food blog, or even have a food blog to participate, but submissions must be completely vegan.  Challenge yourself to tackle a fun, vegan dessert.  You'll be surprised at how simple and delicious this can be!


  1. Sounds like fun! I had to google petit fours >.<

  2. Cindy and I are going to make bra cupcakes!! Now no one can steal our idea! lol Wish you could be here to show us how to make the best vegan treats!

  3. I never watch the show, but the idea of making petit fours sounds awesome and scary.

  4. like monique, i never watched the show, and i also (i think, at least intentionally) never baked petit fours. it'll be fun, i guess. i want to participate.
    see ya !