Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog!  The premise is simple: I do not make "vegan food."  I make delicious food that just so happens to be vegan.  This blog will serve as my online recipe box, and a place to share some of my favorite recipes.  Plan to see a lot of brunch and dessert foods, as these are my favorite.  I also love to create dishes inspired by Throwdown! With Bobby Flay.  Corny, yes, but it's fun (and a bit of a personal challenge) to tackle these almost-always-not-vegan dishes.. especially since he has been quoted as saying that veggie burgers are "evil" (broke my heart just a little bit, Bobby).  I love cooking for "meat-eaters," and surprising the pants off of them when they fall in love and ask for seconds.  And thirds.

Aside from cooking and baking, my passion lies in running and in sports.  Thusly, you can also expect to see some great "carbo-loading" meals, healthy smoothies, and recipes for energy bars.

Finally, don't expect any kind of continuity.  I am constantly jumping from creating light, healthy meals in responsible portions, to going all out and indulging sinfully delicious nowhere-near-healthy meals in portions that can only, honestly, lead to a satisfying nap.

To entice you to return, here are a few of my favorite past dishes:

(Vegan) Scrambled tofu and tempeh omelets

(Vegan) Lasagna
(Vegan) Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream Cake
(Vegan) Flaxseed Bagels
 :) !  Now is also a good time to mention that I am in no way a photographer.  I use my iPhone to take photos, and am usually so excited to eat that I use the first picture I take.  Objects in photos are yummier than they (sometimes) appear.

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  1. Welcome to blogland! Your food looks yummy to me and I can't wait for more recipes. It is so fun to share vegan recipes.